Tips for Specific Diets

For the most part, what people enjoy so much about food, is a blending combination of contrasting flavors, and satisfying textures. As long as those basic elements are there, you’ll have happy taste buds and full bellies.

Most of the things I make are easily adjusted to suit the needs of a vegan or vegetarian. Beans, tofu, or veggies can be substituted for meat in most cases. And fortunately, there has been much advancement in the quality, taste, and accessibility of mock meats. Soy milk, soy cheese, and simulated dairy products are readily available in most grocery stores. And morning star veggie burgers are yummy as hell.

Just the same, it is very easy to make meals healthier. I try, for the most part, to eliminate calories that aren’t necessary.  Cut out butter and use olive oil instead, or the sub of your choice. Use turkey bacon, or try some vegetarian or vegan tricks. Quality fruits and veggies don’t need much to be delicious, so use them as much as possible.

Cooking at home is the healthiest way you can eat because it is so much easier for you control what goes into your body.  Shit’s customizable.  And nothing beats the taste of a meal cooked with fresh produce, and care.

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