About Me

My name is Jillian Fromage, and this is my blog. 
From the light bulb heated oven circa to present, I’ve been into cooking, and I’ve come a long way from forgetting to put water in my cup o’ noodles before microwaving, and setting it on fire. 
I want to share the impressive meals, drinks, and treats I’ve conspired and collected, with everyone, but especially with people that might be at a similar point in life.  Ladies, doods, young couples; just starting out, adapting to their adult lives. 

Basically what I do is come home from my 9-5, make dinner, take some pictures, upload, and post them that night. I try to make these recipes as user friendly as possible, and take care into putting them in the best order for preparation.  But I’m not writing a novel; just getting these out there as an aid, or even an idea.

Cooking, is just a good thing to know how to do.  Being able to impress the shit out of your friends, family, and lovers, is a nice perk.  As are all the fun kitchen gadgets…

3 responses to “About Me

  1. This makes me feel good inside.

  2. aw Jillian, I don’t even really know you, but you rock and your blog is sweeeet. I was reading this and thinking, hmm, I am one of those ladies adapting to her “adult” life, I like food…rock!

  3. Jill, this blog is AMAZING! Can’t wait to try these recipes out!

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