Vegan “Lox” and Bagels

“Lox and Bagels” is one of my favorite brunches of all time. Today I attempted a vegan version. Extremely simple and amazingly tasty.

You will need:

  •  Bagels- I used these nice sprouted grain ones.
  • Vegan Cream Cheese- You can pick this up in the store or make your own. Mine was store bought.
  • Organic Tomatoes- Because these simply have the best flavor and color.
  • Onion- sliced thin
  • A Lemon- for fresh juice
  • A few splashes of Braggs Amino Acid or Soy Sauce- optional
  • Dill, pepper and/or any other spice blend you wish.

To make your “lox” simply slice your tomatoes fairly thin. Roughly the thickness of real lox. Put on a plate or in shallow bowl and squeeze lemon juice over the tomato. Don’t skimp on lemon. About 1 half lemon for 2 tomatoes worth of “lox”.  A little bit of amino acid, soy sauce, etc. if you so choose. Then douse in spices. Dill, black pepper, any blends you like; either lemony or earthy. Totally your preference.

After at least 30 mins you can toast bagel and assemble. Cream cheese, onion, tomatoes and capers. Drool.

Thanks for reading!  ❤


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